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New Horizons Better Together Project - Aug 20 Workshop

  • 20 Aug 2019
  • 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
  • VPI Working Solutions


  • This project, a senior inspired initiative, is designed to help seniors better cope with the changing nature of work. Seniors and youth have much to teach one another and the Better Together project will facilitate this by creating an intergenerational mentorship program. This will be made possible through various focus group discussions that will take place over 4-6 weeks.. In these focus groups, participants (consisting of both youth and older workers), will discuss various challenges and opportunities that exist in their current roles that pertain to: the use of technology, networking, relationships and work habits. This is an exceptional opportunity for youth and seniors to mentor each other in ways that help both groups better navigate the new world of work, and which will ultimately culminate into a guide that will be shared with local employers and seniors’ programs, as way to encourage them to create more opportunities for intergenerational mentorship and support.

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Promoting Mentorship, Volunteerism and Intergenerational Learning through Discussions with Older Workers

How can we help seniors better understand and cope with the changing nature of work? How do older generations respond to and cope with the existing marketplace and their specific contributions to the world of work? Youth and seniors are the main labour pool filling jobs that were traditionally reserved for young people just entering the workforce. With AI disruption widely affecting the workforce and prompting employees to reskill and upskill in order to manage these drastic changes, this poses a challenge for many older workers – who may occupy entry level jobs, or – who are no longer qualified or suited for the jobs they once held, as technology has rendered these roles obsolete. This is particularly evident in retail and hospitality environments while some older workers are challenged in working with technology. Conversely, younger workers often struggle with managing workplace relationships and developing positive work habits. This recurring pattern is attributed to an introduction of new and improved technology efficiencies – causing disruption at an alarming pace and across the spectrum of entry level and junior roles.

How to get involved:

Participants Wanted: If you are either a youth (between 15-30), older worker, or an employerand would like to participate in one of a series of upcoming focus groups for the Better Together project, First Work would love to hear from you! Please confirm your interest by providing your name, occupation place of work, and a phone number that we may use to contact you, to: We look forward to hearing from you and will contact you to confirm your availability and interest in one of the upcoming Better Together Focus Groups. We will respond to all interested participants on an ongoing basis and as needed in order to complete the study. Registration will be available soon for one of our upcoming sessions.

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